Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you read and understand the following Terms & Conditions. The terms & conditions may change without notice. Please contact info@media-royd.com if anything is unclear. Commencement of a project with MEDIAROYD constitutes acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.


Deposit & Payment

  1. The client agrees to pay a non-refundable 50% deposit of the quoted price to commence any job. The balance of the quoted amount is due prior to the delivery of the finished artwork or a website e going live. No artwork will be handed over until the full payment has been made.
  2. The artwork, website, graphics and any programming code remain the property of 2 Love Birds until all outstanding accounts are paid in full.
  3. Payment can be made by Direct Deposit or PayPal (a fee applies). Account details are located on the invoice.


  1. All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD$).
  2. All prices are subject to change without notice.


  1. Quotes are valid for 14 days.
  2. Prices do not include printing. Printing and delivery prices are available on request.
  3. Any additional concepts, alterations or work not specified in the initial project proposal will be either re-quoted or charged at an hourly rate.

Copyright / Ownership

  1. The client will have the reproduction rights after the project has been paid in full and handed over to the client.
  2. MEDIAROYD reserve the right to use the artwork, at any stage of the design, for marketing purposes.
  3. MEDIAROYD reserve the right to use certain elements of the design in other projects. Elements that are not exclusive to the design such as fonts, stock images or parts of illustrations.
  4. MEDIAROYD reserves the right to display a small text link (12pt) to their own web site at the bottom of the client’s web site.

Submitting of content, data & artwork by the client

  1. The client is responsible for submitting accurate content/data/artwork. MEDIAROYD will take no responsibility for mistakes in the supplied content/data/artwork.
  2. When submitting artwork such as images or photography to use as part of the project the client has to own the copyright to the submitted images/artwork.
  3. MEDIAROYD will assume the client owns the images and will not be held liable for any claim regarding unauthorised use of an image or artwork.


  1. In the event of cancellation of a project, ownership of all copyrights and original artwork will be retained by MEDIAROYD. The 50% deposit is non-refundable and will act as a cancellation fee.


  1. Turn around times are approximate. MEDIAROYD will endeavour to meet deadlines, however will be not held liable for any loss due to late artwork deliveries. Please ensure there is plenty of time allowed to develop and deliver the artwork.

Artwork Approvals / Colour Variations / Printing

  1. MEDIAROYD takes care to avoid spelling mistakes & other errors. Once the artwork is approved by the client that is final and MEDIAROYD will not be responsible for mistakes. It’s the client’s responsibility to check all the information. Please take your time approving the artwork: checking all the spelling, grammar, phone numbers, addresses and other important information extra carefully. MEDIAROYD cannot offer refunds or re-prints.
  2. There may be some colour variations from different computer screen to screen from printer to printer and even from different print run. This is due to the nature of CMYK printing as well as varied screen, print settings and choice of stock (paper). Please request a printed proof from your printer if you are concerned about colours.

3rd Party Dealings

  1. MEDIAROYD will not take responsibility for client’s dealings with any 3rd party. 3rd party being, but not limited to printer, delivery service, sign maker, web hosting service, etc

File Storage

  1. It is the client’s responsibility to file and store their files. MEDIAROYD cannot take responsibility for missing and damaged files once the project has been completed and handed over.


  1. All correspondence is treated as confidential. MEDIAROYD reserves the right to use the designs as part of marketing, portfolio and other promotional activities.
  2. No information will be sold to third party.
  3. No banking record will be recorded and stored.

Website appearance/Web browsers/Search Engine Optimazation/Wordpress/ 3rd website developers (website design)

  1. MEDIAROYD endeavours to ensure all websites, scripts and coding run errors free, however we accept no responsibility for any losses incurred due to any malfunction within the website or its code.
  2. MEDIAROYD endevours to design websites which display acceptably in popular current web browsers, we cannot accept responsibility however for pages which may not display correctly in the new version of browsers released after the site is has gone live.
  3. MEDIAROYD will not guarantee any specific position in search engine results for your website. We perform basic search engine optimisation according to current best practice.
  4. MEDIAROYD uses WordPress and 3rd party web developers. MEDIAROYD will not be responsible for errors caused by WordPress or any 3rd party web developers.

Domain Registration/ Hosting/renewals and back ups

  1. It is the client’s responsibility to register and maintain their domain name.
  2. It is the client’s responsibility to purchase and maintain a hosting plan.
  3. Whilst MEDIAROYD can recommend hosting companies to host websites, no guarantees can be made as to the availability or interruption of this service by MEDIAROYD cannot accept liability for losses caused by the unavailability, malfunction or interruption of this service, or for loss of turnover, sales, revenue, profits or indirect, consequential or special loss.
  4. In the case the client is given the login details to the administration dashboard of the website, the client is responsible for any issues that might occur due to misconfiguration of the website. If there is a need to fix errors caused by the client will be charged at hourly rate.
  5. It is the client’s responsibility to maintain necessary back ups as well as file and store their files.

Termination of Service

  1. MEDIAROYD reserves the right to terminate the services if any of the above conditions are breached. If there is any amount overdue for more than 14 days the account will be closed and service suspended until the full amount due is paid.
  2. MEDIAROYD reserves the right to refuse to handle in any way, material which may be deemed offensive, illegal or in any way controversial, and also to terminate any services should the necessity arise.

Printed material
MEDIAROYD hereby excludes itself from all and any liability from:

  1. Loss or damage caused by any inaccuracy.
  2. Loss or damage caused by delay or error.
  3. Loss or damage caused by third party dealings.

Websites and On-line material

  1. Love Birds hereby excludes itself from all and any liability from:
  2. Loss or damage caused by any inaccuracy.
  3. Loss or damage caused by delay or error.
  4. Loss or damage caused by third party dealings.
  5. Loss or damage to clients’ artwork/photos contained within the site.
  6. Loss or damage caused by any decision, refusal or positioning results made by any search engine or internet directory service.
  7. Loss or damage due to downtime of any servers.